Couples Intensives

Couples Intensives

I use evidence-based marital/relationship counseling methods tailored to your specific circumstances, to help you heal intimate bonds and restore your loving connection.

This approach has been clinically proven to reduce relationship distress and improve relationship satisfaction.  An intensive provides time and tools you need to create your desired relationship and support your growth as a couple.

Please feel free to reach out to me for more information about an intensive.

The 16-hour program is provided in person with several different options. Pick your speed:

  • The Tortoise: three sessions (most of the day) spread out over a 3-month window. This option may be ideal if you live nearby and would like to take your time integrating what you learn into your lives.
  • The Hare: this weekend retreat starts on a Friday evening, with work continuing all day Saturday and Sunday. This option is ideal for couples with busy schedules; who are coming from a distance and want to avoid commuting; who are deeply distressed and may even be on the brink of divorce; or who may need to achieve relationship goals more quickly.
  • Other scheduling options may be considered.

Restore Your Loving Connection

Couples Intensives Therapy

Learn about yourself and your partner on a much deeper level

I also offer shorter intensive couples therapy options, including half day and full day options.

For couples who are not struggling, but would like to enhance their relationship, I offer a weekend marriage retreat.

Are you interested in learning more about yourself and your partner on a deeper level? Are you ready to commit, but not sure which option is right for you? Would you like to learn more before deciding?

Good news

The process starts with a half-hour consultation call with me, at no charge to you. This will help you decide whether you want to move forward and help me decide whether this counseling is likely to help you. It will also help us decide which type of intensive is right for you. 

If we decide to move forward with couples therapy, you will complete a comprehensive assessment form, which will help me understand you and your relationship. Most couples credit this assessment as the start of their couples’ therapy experience.

Please feel free to reach out to me for more information about a couples intensive. 

Besides offering informaiton about intensives throuhg my website, you can find out more detailed information about scheduling an intensive at  Couples Therapy Inc. in providing couples intensives.

What People Are Saying About Tim’s Intensives

Tim Donovan was a great resource. he conducted a very structured and well-crafted intensive. he created an open and safe environment and clearly expressed the objectives at every step of the process. He was great.

Tim was truly amazing. he led us to make our own decision to work on our marriage and found a way to balance his direct approach We were able for the first time to feel good after having very stressful conversations. I can’t thank him enough.